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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Britain's Most Spectacular Destinations

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Visit some of Britain's most spectacular destinations that have been awarded World Heritage Status.

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There is no need to fly to far flung places to experience the most inspiriting and inspiring places in the world. Travel in style aboard the Northern Belle and enjoy the best of Britain.

Amble through the Old Town of Edinburgh, marvel at the neo-classical palladian crescents of Bath or soak up the spiritual splendour of Durham Cathedral - worldly treasures and hidden gems are our speciality.

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Cataloging the sites of outstanding cultural and natural importance - the UNESCO list features the most unique and remarkable places from around the World. Established in 1946 the organisation celebrates cultural diversity, promotes sustainable development and safeguards special sites for future generations to enjoy. The list features 1092 places from around the globe of which 31 are right here in the United Kingdom.

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