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20th January 2020

The Duart – Fit for a Queen

Last updated: 20th January 2020

One of our most famous carriages, The Duart, served for many years on the Royal Train, it is self-sufficient and could be run alone as it has 24 seats, its own toilet facilities and kitchen, and this beautiful carriage is often privately chartered by people celebrating a special occasion.

The carriage was registered under two numbers 2907 and 325 as it is today.


It was built in 1961 and served as a Royal Household support vehicle for the staff - at this time it had a dining area and kitchen.


The Royal Train underwent lots of changes in 1977 in readiness for the Queen's Jubilee. A number of carriages were withdrawn with new cars being added to the rake. 325 survived the cut and remained in service until 1993.