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20th January 2020


Last updated: 20th January 2020

The Northern Belle... Three words that during the last 20 years have become synonymous with all that is best in luxury rail travel.

It is without doubt one of the most amazing trains in the world.


A name that ranks with Europe's 'Orient Express', South Africa's 'Blue Train', Russia's 'Golden Eagle' & India's 'Maharajahs' Express'.

The seven 1930's-style Pullman carriages - one of which was once part of the Royal Train - are always hauled by a heritage diesel or steam locomotive from a bygone era.


Formerly part of the iconic Orient Express group, but now British owned, the Northern Belle can be chartered for parties of between 24 & 224 guests or colleagues.

Flying Scotsman, the world's most famous steam engine, hauled two sold-out special trips last year.


Britannia, British India Line, Scots Guardsman, Dutchess of Sutherland or Union of South Africa are just some of the other famous steam engines that may be available.

The vintage carriages, all at least 50 years old, have all been painstakingly re-engineered to modern standards before painted in the Northern Belle's distinctive umber and dream livery.