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6th June 2024

A Northern Belle Legend

Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone as Chris Dobson, our beloved Kitchen Porter, turns 80 years old. Born on D-Day, Chris's life has been as storied and significant as the date he was born. To mark this special occasion, we reflect on his incredible journey with the Northern Belle.

Reaching 80 is a blessing, and Chris shared that celebrating it with his Northern Belle family makes it even more special. His favourite part of working on the Northern Belle has been the people. "The passengers, the crew – everyone brings something unique to the table, making every day different and exciting," he says.

Over the years, Chris has seen many changes in his role, especially with technology. However, the essence of the job remains the same – ensuring everything runs smoothly and keeping the kitchen spotless. Chris has taken on more mentoring roles, helping new staff find their footing. His advice to someone starting a career as a Kitchen Porter today is simple: "Stay dedicated, be willing to learn, and always support your team. The kitchen is a place of constant learning and growth.”

From the Head Chef, Matthew Green's perspective, Chris is the backbone of the kitchen. His dedication and work ethic are unmatched. "He's always the first to arrive and the last to leave," says Matt. Chris brings a sense of calm and stability, even during the busiest times. His attitude and experience have influenced everyone around him, creating a culture of excellence and respect.

As we celebrate Chris Dobson's 80th birthday, we honour not just his years, but the dedication, hard work, and passion he has brought to the Northern Belle. Here's to many more years of health, happiness, and continued success!

Happy Birthday, Chris!