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To further complement our beautiful fleet of luxury carriages we have added two Pullman coaches to allow additional space between guests, these coaches represent the only genuine Mark I Pullman set operating on main line in England, beautifully restored and offering luxurious occupancy.

The first Pullman Railway Coach to enter service in the UK was in 1874 from Bradford Forster Square to London St Pancras after an assembly of imports from the United States, in an operation pioneered by the Midland Railway, working with the Pullman Company in Chicago. The coaches added to our fleet were first used running from London to Manchester in the 1960’s

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Lovingly Restored

Your Invitation

Some of our guests travelling with us on journeys which require additional seating to allow for sufficient distancing may be invited to travel in these beautiful carriages, and receive the identical level of hospitality at no extra cost.

Lovingly restored Pullman coaches, each named after one of the English Lakes.

Each of these coaches has a maximum of thirty six seats making them extremely roomy and comfortable with renewed upholstery, carpets and curtains.

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